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This website (www.jsp962.com) is managed by PT. Jusindo Sumberprakarsa. We guarantee the safety of all the information our customers have given us through this website. We will only use the information given in order to better assist customers in their online shopping experience with us according to legal policies and laws.

  1. Collection of Personal Information
  2. Private Information
  3. Private Information Safety 
  4. Private Information Disclosure 
  5. Changes to Privacy Policies
  6. Complaints Regarding Violations Against Privacy Rights

We care for our customers’ privacy. All of the submitted personal information will only be utilized for the sake of assisting our customers’ online shopping experience as per described below.
Protection of all personal data submitted by our customers is of utmost importance to us. As such, we will only use the information in a manner that follows the aforementioned privacy policies.

We only collect the necessary relevant information that is needed to assist transactions and order deliveries. We will keep said information for as long as allowed by law or when such information is related to the intended purposes stated at the time of collection.

Our customers are able to visit the website and browse without providing personal data prior to doing so. When our customers visit our online store, their status will be inaccessible and unidentifiable by our team unless they have logged in to the website via their usernames and passwords.

Our privacy policies are arranged according to the law. Should our customers wish to submit comments and suggestions, we will be glad to receive them in our inbox at cs@jsp962.com

1. Collection of Personal Information

JSP962 will never sell, spread, or trade personal information provided to us via online by our customers to any third parties. All private information gathered online is internally stored, observed, and utilized by JSP962 in order to better assist our customers.

In the creation of JSP962 accounts, private information gathered will include but is not limited by:

  • Name
  • Email 
  • Address
  • Phone number or any other form of contact information for delivery purposes

The acquired private information will be used for:

  • Delivery of products purchased from JSP962 to the customers.
  • Updating information regarding product delivery and customer service. 
  • Informing customers about product-related information. 
  • Ensuring smoother ordering process and giving assistance as well as information on offers announced on JSP962’s website to the customers.

Furthermore, we will use the information provided for account administration purposes, mainly for order verification and monetary transaction relevant to online payment made on the customers’ part; necessary data audit obtained from JSP962’s website, editing layout and/or content of our web pages to improve user interface; identifying logged in visitors on the website; researching data and user demographics on the website; sending our customers information that we deem relevant and may be of interest to the customers as per requested in their account settings, including our product information and various forms of assistance provided for customers by JSP962.  

We reserve the rights to distribute our customers’ names and addresses to a third party only when delivery of ordered products will go through such related institutions.

If customers are registered as JSP962 users, we will also utilize all obtained private information in order to inform our customers of product promotions and digital marketing from time to time. Customers are free to subscribe to or unsubscribe from this feature at anytime.  

All payment submitted through this website will be processed by JSP962’s marketing team. We will save our customers’ payment details for safety reasons, and customers are advised to log in on their accounts through this website to access them.

On the website, customers are able to view and/or review all past and ongoing transactions. Customers may also manage their addresses, bank information, and newsletter subscription.

We are not responsible for any form of password mismanagement done by any entities that are not internally related to JSP 962.

2. Updating Personal Information

Customers are able to update their personal information in their accounts via accessing www.jsp962.com

3. Safety of Personal Information

JSP962 ensures that all information that has been gathered will be kept safe. We store our customers’ personal information by:

  • Limiting all access into the customers’ personal information
  • Properly and strictly managing our technology and tools to prevent unwanted access by anyone without permission to do so 
  • Safely destroy all stored but unneeded information that belongs to our customers when such information will not assist us in making our customers’ online shopping experience enjoyable

4. About Personal Information

We will not distribute our customers’ information to any irrelevant individuals/ institutions / organizations. Under special circumstances, JSP962 may be required to disclose our customers’ personal information. Such circumstances include:

  • Whenever it is deemed necessary as evidence to be presented by the Court laws and/or policies  
  • Whenever it is required by any responsible third-parties who can formally assist our customers in battling life-threatening situations (accidents, deteriorating health, etc) for our customers’ safety purposes

JSP962 is committed to obeying the Privacy Act and the National Privacy Principles set according to the national law and policies.

Customers may contact JSP962 at cssupport@jsp962.com should they feel that their privacy rights have been violated to resolve their issues.

5. Changes to Privacy Policies

JSP962 reserves the rights to add, subtract, and modify our privacy policies at any time as we deem necessary. Changes to such policies will be published on our website 3 (three) days prior to its validation.

6. Complaints Regarding Privacy Rights Violations

If customers feel that we have not provided them with satisfactory service on this matter, please contact us at cs@jsp962.com or marketing@jsp962.com

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