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3 Easy Steps to Shop Online On JSP962 100% No Fraud Safety in Transactions Fully Guaranteed

1. Customers submit their orders before transferring payment

  • Register an account / Log in.
  • Choose and order your desired products. Please note that we recommend you to go over and check your order details carefully.
  • Submit all payment to the account number provided according to the invoice you receive.
  • JSP962’s bank account will only be under PT Jusindo Sumberprakarsa as its account holder name.
  • Confirm your payment to assist us in processing your orders.

2. All items will be processed and delivered

  • We will be sending out email confirmation for your orders. You will be able to immediately check your order status as soon as you have received the email.
  • Your orders will be processed according to your preferred delivery method.

3. All items will arrive at your doorstep

  • You will receive your orders according to your chosen courier’s estimated delivery time.
  • Feel free to leave us your comments and reviews about our products.


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